How To Work Online At Home

How To Work Online At Home……and earn extra money that will make a difference to your life.

This is all the equipment you need

Be Your Own Boss And Work From Home

Or, From anywhere in the world where you can access the internet!

How Does the Process of Making Money Online Work?

Confusion surrounds this topic of “just how do you make money online?”. Defining how to do this is not as simple as it sounds because there are SO MANY different ways you can earn money online, just like it is in the offline world.

Asking that question is really no different than asking “how do I make money?” because of the many different ways people find to make money. So, if you give me a few minutes of your time I am going to explain exactly what the process is and what the foundation for success online starts with.

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Sound good to you? OK, let’s start.

So first off, the foundation for how to work online from home

Step 1: The Foundation of Online Success – A Website

Plain and simple, you need a WEBSITE of your own if you want to be successful online.  People try to hack together a business without a website and they end up failing.  You cannot spam the heck out of Facebook and expect results, you NEED A WEBSITE. Each of us will have our own preferences, but have a look at this example of a website created in Wealthy Affiliate.

Mud Hut….trouble ahead

A website is equivalent to the foundation for a building.  In order for a builder to successfully build a house or an architect to design a skyscraper, it requires a solid foundation.  An online business is no different and your foundation will be your website.

You don’t want a “mud hut”. By this I mean, don’t build anything that is a mud hut
(low quality or without a foundation) because it can easily collapse. You want to build a solid foundation and this requires a website…and this will allow you to build those virtual sky scrapers.

I teach people how to build “skyscrapers”.  I am not a fan of building something that “can be washed away by the rain”, definitely not a long term business model. So get the foundation right from the start and, when you build something substantial, you will be VERY SUCCESSFUL online.

Step 2: Building Your Virtual House- The Content

OK, so now you have your very own website, now what.  Well, the next step in the process is to create content.  Content will be one big reason why you get a good deal of your traffic (through Search Engine Optimisation – SEO) next, your ability to build relationships with your visitors (which leads to revenue), and finally, the creation of your brand (which will lead to a long term business).

What do I mean by Content – Content can be a variety of things, from text, to comments/dialogue within your content, to video and audio. Search engines like websites that are content rich and so do PEOPLE.

Build quality content and the buyers will come.

Step 3: Putting Your Foundation on a Busy Street – The Traffic

Potential Visitor Traffic

You now have your foundation for success, now you need “visitors eyes” on your site, also known as website traffic.  But how do you get this sort of traffic?  There are many ways in which you can do this, content being the first and foremost focus.

  • Writing Content
  • Creating Videos
  • Getting Rankings in Google (which comes from content)
  • Paid Traffic
  • Ad Buys

These are all things that can be learned within Wealthy Affiliate, the top place to get an education in online business anywhere.   So if you don’t understand what some of these things mean, they can most definitely be learned.

Wealthy Affiliate and Kyle himself, will be more than happy to help you out with any of your questions, simply submit a question within Wealthy Affiliate – you are required to create a Free Starter Account  first…..yes, it’s free so nothing to lose, right!

Get Started Here

Step 4: Opening Up Shop – The Money Part

This is where it gets really fun.  There are 100’s of ways you can make money from a site that has traffic.  Here are just a few of the proven ways:

  1. Selling Advertising (to other website owners)
  2. Selling Affiliate Products
  3. Selling Amazon Products
  4. Selling Products that You Own
  5. Selling the Actual Website
  6. Google Adsense (putting ads on your site)

This is not the full extent of all the ways you can make money, but it is a sample 6 of the possibilities.  Once you have your very own website (easy to create these days), content, and some traffic…the sky is literally the limit.  Whether you are looking to earn a “part time” income or you want to earn a substantial living online, this is up to you. For additional information and detail, go to why do I need a website for my business

Do Not Try This Alone!!

The knowledge that “how to make money online works” will only take you so far, so the absolute first thing I would suggest is that you DO NOT go at it alone.  Don’t try to find your way through the wild west.  There are too many scams out there, too many “vulture” gurus, and too many people giving out misinformation.  That is why I want to invite you to MY hangout, the place where I help people like YOU every day, for free.  No catches, no credit card, just fill out a form and you are IN!

So, now that you understand how the process of making money online works, why don’t you join me in Wealthy Affiliate?

And if you ever need a hand with anything or are confused about the process of “earning” online, let me know.  My name is Michael, just leave a comment in the box below or Contact Me and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Cheers for now and take care.




12 thoughts on “How To Work Online At Home”

  1. Really Good overview of how to make money online.

    At the minute, I am on step 2. I have built my website and I am now trying to get traffic to my site.

    Anyone who wants to make money online should really engrave this process into their mind. Anything that promises quick money is a scam.

    For people really serious about making money online should visit Wealthy Affiliate. It really gives you the best chance!

    1. Thanks Mark, Yes I’m happy with it as I think it answers the questions most people would have. Glad to hear you are “on board” and progressing nicely……..the training really is amazing and it makes working from home and the building of a website so easy, even for someone with zero knowledge in that area.

      Keep up the good work, I look forward to you visiting again.

  2. Hey Michael

    You really broke down the steps that it takes to be successful online. I cannot stress enough how integral a website is for an online business. Often times I find that people who are unsuccessful online are going for the long ball rather than taking the incremental steps of educating themselves about the business. More importantly finding the right mentor can save a people lots of cash and heartache. Great job!!
    Continued Success…

    1. Hi Mark,

      Thank you for the positive comment.

      Yes, you are correct, a proper, professional website is essential when working from home online.

      It is then very personal and extremely important as, lets face it, you want to make a decent, sustainable income from your efforts.

      Make sure you have a good look around my website and feel free to add further comments.

      Now you should go and “work on YOUR dream”!



  3. Funny I should come across this article in a search today – I’m actually on the second step you have listed here…the site is well and truly up and running but it seems a bit of an uphill struggle to find a lot of traffic. Have you had this problem before?

    I am toying with the idea of trying social media out for traffic – have you had any success with this?

    1. Thank you for the comment.

      Yes, it does take time for traffic to grow and I mean months.

      Really, you need to use all possible options for attracting traffic, the most important being:

      a) Regular, good quality relevant content.

      b) All Social Media + joining any relevant groups.

      I hope this helps.

      I wish you every success.


  4. Thanks for your article How to Work Online at Home and introduction on Wealth Affiliate!

    I have been looking for this kind of online business opportunity for over nine months. I can find affiliate marketing everywhere on internet. It is very hard for me to pick the right one. You mentioned the steps such as building website and preparing contents. I think they are the basics for building up my online business.

    I clicked the link to Wealthy Affiliate you provided. I found that their online training sessions are excellent for beginners like me. I will do my best to study hard on it.

    Anyway, should I upgrade to premium plan at all? Please kindly advise. Thank you.

    1. Hi Christine,

      Thank you very much for the positive comment and delighted to hear you have had a look around Wealthy Affiliate.
      The next step you need to take is to Sign Up as a Starter Member for free…click this link

      Yes, the training is amazing and is actually enjoyable – even though enjoyment is not normally associated with training. Follow the training step by step and you will progress rapidly.

      Should you upgrade to Premium? Well, for me it was an easy decision as my plan was to learn everything I could and then to earn an income online working irregular hours…..I upgraded after a week. 

      It really depends on how determined and serious you are about your online business. You can definitely continue as a signed up Starter Member for free but you would be missing out on the huge benefits of Premium membership….see the differences here  under Summarised Overview.

      My advice, definitely go Premium as I did.

      If in doubt, continue as a Starter Member and upgrade later…….

      I hope this helps.

      Thanks again and welcome aboard.

      I wish you all the success you deserve.



      NB: You are not showing up as a “Starter Member” so you need to do that now….its totally free.

  5. Thank you for the tips, Michael. I have been a freelance blogger for almost 6 years now and these tips would be of great help to people who are just new to content writing.


    1. Hi Maria,
      Thank you for the positive comment and glad to hear you liked the article.
      Online marketing can be a challenge, especially at the beginning, so all help and tips should be welcome and embraced. That said, with proper training and support, anyone who is prepared to work can succeed online…follow link below for more information.
      Great to hear from you and I hope YOUR wishes come true.

  6. The business looks like it’s only for riches. Especially on having the very expensive equipments like computer,smart phones and so forth. So that’s to say only people surrounded by poverty this is not their family even not a friend so I don’t know how will you help this type of humans as the possible and simple way to reach a goal.

    1. Hi Saidi,
      Thank you for the comment.
      My website promotes and provides information about Affiliate Marketing and starting an Online Business.
      As you say, a computer or smart phone + an internet connection is required and those are the basic tools required…..not a lot to start a business.
      If you or someone else wants to start an Online Business then you must firstly get a job in an offline business, save your money and then buy those basic tools required.
      Hope this helps.

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