How To Deal With Anxiety And Depression

Anxiety And Depression

An anxious moment

How does anxiety and depression affect an online marketing Affiliate?

I would hope that the daily routine, excitement, chat and support from fellow members of the affiliate community would stop the onset of any anxiety or depression at the door! For the vast majority of online marketing affiliates, that is true and, generally speaking, they would be a “happy go lucky” bunch.

There are exceptions, of course, and sometimes there are those who just can’t be bothered or while others need serious help on how to deal with anxiety and depression.

Both of these, anxiety and depression, often go hand in hand with the feelings of “I couldn’t be bothered”. This is like an automatic response from one part of the brain while the other part is frustrated and wondering what the heck is going on.

What Happens?

Stress sets in because the person feels they ‘should’ be doing something ..more..or different..or better!

Do remember, it is okay for someone to have these feelings every now and again…………..but it is not okay if they persist.

These feelings can clearly come up and continue when someone is  not on their true path and it is a sign that they need to do something different or “tune” back in with themselves to get back the feelings of being Alive, Fulfilled, Satisfied and Healthy.

For the general public, feeling unmotivated and just not being bothered is a very common complaint and one which is just as serious as any other health complaint. For someone sitting around and not doing anything with their days or their evenings, life can be very unrewarding, dissatisfying and stressful.

For many the effort to change or to do something about the problem is too much so It’s easier to sit, complain and take no action. Or, they want to do something and take action but just feel lost as to where to start.

So What Can Be Done?

First of all try to become aware of how you feel. Then think about when did it start or what triggered it?

Was it one of theses:

  • A relationship breakdown
  • An unrewarding job/career
  • Self-criticism or self-dislike
  • Lack of confidence
Time for change!

Start by making small changes.

Get plenty of fresh air, even 10 minutes…especially after eating a heavy evening meal. That could be as simple as opening the window or standing outside the door  and inhaling deeply. Better still, go for a 30 minute walk!

OXYGEN is paramount to a well- functioning brain, without it you will feel tired, stressed and unmotivated.

Get to bed at set times, do not stay up late watching TV, listening to music or drinking alcohol. As my wise old granny used to say when I was growing up……… don’t waste your precious time watching other people live their lives on TV, get on and live your own life!!!

Now, I am sharing this strategy with you as it is natural and so true. A little comedy, a good movie or documentary is fine in moderation and can be used as one of your ways to chill and relax. But, don’t sit up into the early hours of the morning exhausting yourself.

Move around and change your posture —– cramped, tense, achy muscles cannot work properly and will deprive your mind and body of energy, nutrients, oxygen and lots more.

Being stuck, tense, tight and stressed will also deprive your mind and body of the exercise, passion and excitement it needs to keep functioning at its optimum level while still keeping your weight, heart and other vital organs under control.

Professional Help

If someone follows the advice and natural methods mentioned above and there is still no change in that person’s behaviour, then professional help is strongly recommended – especially where depression is involved.

So, start living and do something for yourself TODAY and EVERYDAY – You are worth it.

Your life is precious, look after it and enjoy every moment.

Take up a hobby, a hobby is highly recommended for everyone and the benefits can not be over estimated……have a think about golf with all that fresh air and exercise! Go here to find out more information.

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So, there you have it for today.

Thank’s for visiting.

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Take care and stay healthy.



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